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Join Bayside and experience the power of a united healthcare family.

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Medical Staffing


Thrive in an environment where collaboration and compassion go hand in hand.

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At Bayside Healthcare Services, we have built a community of real people who are making a tangible difference in healthcare.


Our dedicated team is committed to solving sustainability issues for employers by scheduling nurses and allied staff for longer periods of time, resulting in improved patient care.


We understand the importance of continuity and familiar faces in building trust and rapport, which is why we prioritize assigning nurses who patients can rely on.


Join our community and experience the power of real people making a real impact in healthcare.

A diverse group of medical professionals joining hands in unity as a team, representing the strength and collaboration within the fields of medical staffing, healthcare recruitment, and allied health staffing.

About Bayside

Healthcare Staffing

Medical professionals standing in unity with their hands joined at the center, symbolizing teamwork in the healthcare industry.

We understand the importance of continuity in patient-provider relationships. 


At Bayside HCS, we believe that real solutions come from real people. Our dedicated team is dedicated to addressing sustainability challenges in healthcare staffing, ensuring a more stable and consistent workforce.


Join us in revolutionizing patient care through trust, rapport, and the power of familiar faces.

Optimal Patient Care

A nurse in scrubs, signaling a shrug, inviting you to give Bayside a call and try their services in medical staffing or healthcare recruitment for medical professionals.

Real-Time Billing & Dedicated Account Managers

When you choose Bayside HCS, you not only gain the advantage of a dedicated account manager who provides personalized support throughout the staffing process but also access to our real-time billing system, offering you full transparency and control over costs.


Say goodbye to surprises or hidden costs and make informed decisions while streamlining your budgeting process with Bayside HCS.

Flexible & Convenient Scheduling

Bayside HCS acknowledges the importance of flexibility in the dynamic healthcare industry.


We provide adaptable staffing solutions that empower yo to adjust your workforce based on changing patient volumes and specific needs.


With our agility and responsiveness, you can ensure optimal staffing levels, delivering uninterrupted and top-quality care to your patients.

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